Just a little Chewy

Meet Chewy Bear: April’s Dog of the Month

Name: Chewy Bear Age: 4 years young Hometown: Dallas, TX Breed: ”Pa-wawa” (Papillon/Chihuahua Mix) Nicknames: Chewster, Mr. Bear, Chewy Boo Furry Siblings: Roxy, Penny, and Mila (all pound puppy rescues) Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products: #1 Favorite: Classic Wafers Baked with Sweet Potato Other Favorites: Roll-Over Rewards Baked With Real Cheese Pup-kin Spice Latte ***Fall 2013 Treat*** Miniature Assorted Wafers … Continue Reading

Fostering Love

Fostering Love

Did you know that over 6 million dogs and cats enter shelters each year ? Shelters are always fighting an uphill battle for resources, the scarcest of which is space. Donations can cover food and vet bills but there is only so much space and adding any is a huge (and expensive) undertaking. In “No Kill” shelters … Continue Reading

Meet Ellie

Ellie is February’s Dog of the Month

Name: Ellie Age: 1 year Hometown: Randleman, NC Breed: Whippet Nicknames: Elle Belle Furry Siblings: Guinevere (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Favorite Three Dog Bakery Products: #1 Favorite: 6″ Peanut Butter Rawhide Skinny Braid Other Favorites: Classic Crèmes Carob with Peanut Butter Filling Sweet Potato Classic Wafers Bake to Nature Puppy Formula Banana Split Wafers –2013 Summer Treat Wag-amelon Wafers–2013 Summer … Continue Reading

My Dog Hates Football

5 Reasons My Dog Hates Football

Let me start by saying I LOVE football! I enjoy the team spirit, the crazy fans, the trick plays, everything! I’m the one sitting on the couch screaming at the team (and coach) wondering why in the world they aren’t listening to me since I clearly have a better handle on the game than they … Continue Reading

Cover Photo

The Benefits of Owning A Dog


Are You Crazy?

Are YOU a CRAZY Dog Person?!


1. What pictures overwhelm your Facebook page? a. Funny dog memes b. Family–including the dogs of course! c. Scenery from hikes with your dog d. Selfies with your dog 2. What do you consider to be the perfect evening? a. A night out with friends dancing the night away b. A stroll through the neighborhood … Continue Reading

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